40+ Taj mahal Quotes for true love

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When I say this word, The Taj Mahal Quotes, everyone started thinking about the beautiful monument constructed by Mugal Emperor Shah Jahan. Just because of that much beauty, everyone wants to see it, and after seeing it, many people give several quotes on the Taj mahal, and we are here with the Taj Mahal quotes. Also, this building is in Agra and listed in the seven wonders of the world too.

Mugal Emperor Shah Jahan instructed Taj Mahal. It is a tomb built to house the grave of Shah Jahan’s favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. She lost her life while giving birth to their 14th child at the age of 38. Shah Jahan dedicated the taj mahal to Mumtaz’s memory. Shah Jahan died in 1666, and he was buried next to his wife. His other two wives were also buried in the Taj Mahal. The construction of this started in 1631 and was completed in 1653. It took approximately 22 years. It is the most beautiful building ever created. so now after this brief introduction, we will shift to quotes.

so here are some of the quotes:-

17 Taj Mahal Quotes with explanation

1.”The Taj is pinkish in the morning, milky white in the evening, and golden when the moon shines.”

Taj mahal quotes

As the sun rises, its new rays turn the taj mahal into a pink building, while in the evening, the departing rays reveal its actual white color, and when night covers the sky, the moonlight turns it into a golden masterpiece.

2.”I found a Taj Mahal most appropriate example of artistically expressed love.”

Taj mahal quotes

The best love is the kind that awakens the soul. Love can be expressed in any form, like materialistic and non-materialistic. Taj Mahal is the best example of artistically expressed love. It brings peace to our minds.

3.”The Taj Mahal rises above the river banks like a solitary tear suspended on the cheek of time.”

Taj mahal quotes

This quote tells about the loneliness in Shah Jahan’s life after the death of his wife. Just as the tear layer on the threshold of a cheek struggling to stay put, the same way Taj Mahal is on the brink of the river.

4.”Taj Mahal is not just a monument but a symbol of love.”

Taj mahal quotes

 Like other monuments, the Taj Mahal not just a memorial. It gives us the real meaning of love. It shows the true love never ends.

5.”Not a piece of architecture, as other buildings are, but the proud passions of an emperor’s love wrought in living stones.” 

Taj mahal quotes

No amount of knowledge or talent can make something beautiful as the love of man for his muse. Nothing is permanent, but the love of the Shah Jahan for his wife will alive for many long times in this world. 

6.”I was impressed by the Taj Mahal. A good bit of work, well looked after, worth paying money to see.”

Taj mahal quotes

Karl Pilkington writes this quote. After seeing it, be impressed by the Taj Mahal and give his review a good bit of work and look so well. He said Karl did not waste his money.

7.”You can make Taj Mahal, just for her or for everyone.”

Taj mahal quotes

Taj Mahal is the symbol of love. It shows the beauty of love. Taj Mahal is precious not only for her (Mumtaz), it is extraordinary for everyone in so many ways. People can learn from it. Just take a breath. You will everything is just fine.

8.”Why is the Taj Mahal ideal for lovers? Because they believe in sang mar mar.”

Taj mahal quotes

Sang marmar is the white marble that means to love each other till the last breath. Taj Mahal is ideal for lovers; they can see it, understand it and learn from it.

9.”She smelled the way the Taj Mahal looks by moonlight.”

Taj mahal quotes

Some pretend to be moonlight, but some themselves are moonlight. The Taj Mahal looks like heaven in the moonlight and smells like jasmine because of its white color. It is the twinkle of love. It is always light in the darkness.

10.”The Taj Mahal is just stone, not the heart of Shah Jahan. Even the example of love is set; this example is no more minor.”

Taj mahal quotes

It is not an ordinary stone. It’s a symbol of love. There is a heart of Shah Jahan in the Taj Mahal. When love grows older the hearts become mature, and love becomes coal (deep burning). While it is an example of immortal love set by the emperor Shah Jahan

11.”Love is not only done by the body; the soul also does it. Otherwise, why would anyone build the Taj Mahal after anyone’s departure?”

Taj mahal Quotes

The boundaries of love don’t limit themselves to the desire of one’s body. Instead, it goes deeper and deeper and dilutes itself the depth of one’s soul. Pure love is always made by the soul, not by the body.

12.”If every person got ruined by love, then the Taj Mahal would not have been in the memory of Mumtaz.”

Taj mahal quotes

Due to the Taj Mahal, we will never forget Shah Jahan and Mumtaz. One place that you want to go to is never a place. Many people see the Taj mahal daily, but everyone sees it in a new way.

 13.”The Taj Mahal, the symbol of love, signifies that the tomb can be architecture too.”

Taj mahal quotes

Taj Mahal is not only the building. It is the symbol of love. It describes the word ‘love’ in beautiful ways. Some people see it by eyes, but some see it by heart. But nobody can understand how challenging it was to make it.

14.”Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”

Taj mahal quotes

The supreme state of love is the unity of one soul in two different bodies. As love grows older, it looks beautiful from the outside, but there is always pain hidden somewhere.

15.”Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart.”

Taj mahal quotes

The meaning of living with happiness is you are thankful for what you have and stay patient. Always believe in your heart, not your eyes; always listen to your heart. The purpose of life is to be happy, and it is to be helpful. Always be thankful to God.

16.”We entered the Taj Mahal, the most romantic place on the planet and possibly the most beautiful building on earth.”

Taj mahal quotes

Taj Mahal not only a romantic place in this world; it is the most beautiful and charming building on the earth. Lovers are inspired by the Taj Mahal. 

17.”We entered the Taj Mahal, the most romantic place on the planet and possibly the most beautiful building on earth.”

Taj mahal quotes

Taj Mahal is not only a romantic place in this world; it is the most beautiful and charming building on earth. Lovers inspired by the Taj Mahal. 

15+ another Taj mahal quotes for whatsapp

“It appears like a perfect pearl on an azure ground. The effect is such I have never experienced from any work of art. Marble, I perceive, covers a multitude of sins.”

“Taj Mahal was built as a team; without a dream, it was a distant dream.”

“There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who had seen the Taj Mahal and loved it and those who have not seen the Taj Mahal want people to watch the Taj Mahal and fall in love with it.”

 “Relationships are like the Taj Mahal. Everybody will wonder how Beautiful it is, but nobody can understand how difficult it was to build.”

 “Not a piece of architecture, as other buildings are, but the proud passions of an emperor’s love wrought in living stones.”

“It appears like a perfect pearl on an azure ground. The effect is such I have never experienced from any work of art.”

 “Looking at the Taj Mahal, I wonder in whose memory God might have made the universe.”

“Give time to relationship friends keep remembering, the world, not Mumtaz, has seen the Taj Mahal era.”

 “Where will I bring a voice similar to you? Taj Mahal will be made, but from where will Mumtaz come?”

“If Shah Jahan’s true love is still alive for Mumtaz in this modern era’s love, then Taj Mahal shall be made as a sign of true love exactly.”

“Anything pure is immortal, just like your love. God never fails in purifying our love with his eternal blessings.”

 “I’ve just been to the Taj Mahal, which I’d never been to and I’m not a very romantic kind of guy, but it is the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen. (Danny Boyle)”

“Did you ever build a castle in the Air? Here is one, brought \down to earth and fixed for the wonder of ages.”

Taj mahal quotes

 “You visited my heart, Decorated it in the best possible way; you left my heart like a grave, Come and see the Taj Mahal today!”

“There is something in love. Otherwise, the Taj Mahal wouldn’t have been built on a corpse.”

Amazing Taj Mahal Beauty Quotes

“The Taj Mahal would not have been so beautiful if Shah Jahan had asked for three quotations and decided on the lowest.”

“How someone could love their dedication to them became one of the wonders of the world.”

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”

“What we do for ourselves, dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

“Thinking of you keeps me awake. Dreaming of you keeps me asleep. Being with you keeps me alive.”

“I’ve just been to the taj mahal which I’d never been to and I’m not a very romantic kind of guy but it is the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen.”

“If we had not been there, who would have said gazal, who would have called your face like a lotus, this is the miracle of love, otherwise who would have called stones, the taj mahal.”

“I found the Taj Mahal as the most appropriate example of artistically expressed love.”

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