66+ Best Biryani Quotes, Sayings, & Instagram Captions

Biryani Quotes
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Are you feeling Hungry and looking for some of the Biryani Quotes? If yes, you will not regret being sure, as we are going to provide you with the best Biryani Quotes. Biryani is an evergreen dish that requires no introduction. India offers so much on its gastronomic platter, but the mouth-watering Biryani is the one dish that all Indians swear to enjoy. When tasting this mashup of flavors, one is spoiled for choice because local and hyperlocal differences have transformed into various varieties of biryanis.

About Biryani

There are many theories about how Biryani got to India, but it is widely accepted that it originated in West Asia. Biryani originated from the Persian words Birinj, which means rice, and Birian, which means “fried before cooking.”

This variety of Biryani, the most well-known in India, is undoubtedly a fan favorite. The rice and beef are prepared using the dum technique, which imparts good flavors. According to legend, when Mumtaz Mahal, a queen under Shah Jahan, visited an army barrack, she was horrified to see how malnourished the troops were. 

She insisted that the barrack’s cook prepare a meal for the soldiers that were filling and contained all the meat, rice, and spices they required to regain their energy. It is how the dish allegedly initially arrived in India. 

Source:- Wikipedia

The table on Types of Biryani

Main IngredientBiryani Type
VegetablesVeg Biryani
ChickenChicken Biryani
EggEgg Biryani
FishFish Biryani
CrabCrab Biryani
Types of Biryani


Biryani quotes

Biryani quotes

“Biryani is nothing but, just a state of happiness”

“Biryani is my comfort food.”

With the same old friends is still a dream for many.

“I want a husband who can cook awesome biryani.”

“All I wanna do is eat biryani all day.”

Biryani captions

Biryani captions

“Don’t let anyone treat you like Upma. You’re Biryani.”

“Biryani > Burger & Pizza”

“Biryani is my forever love.”

“My one and only forever is Biryani”

“Anyone want biryani?”

Biryani lover quotes

Biryani lover quotes

“You know, food is such – it’s a hug for people.”

“Biryani is nothing but, just a state of happiness”

“If someone says true love doesn’t exist, make them taste biryani”

“Biryani is my forever love.

“Chicken Curry is a dish, but biryani is an emotion!”

Biryani captions for Instagram

Biryani captions for Instagram

“I want to be a vegetarian but biryani cannot live without me.”

“I literally want to thank the person who invented the dish – biryani.”

“If someone treats you like KHICHDI, then don’t treat them like BIRYANI”

“If someone says true love doesn’t exist, make them taste biryani.”

“When life gives you a thousand reasons to cry, show life that you got biryani to smile.”

“My first love is biryani”

Quotes on biryani

Quotes on biryani

“And my second love is another plate of biryani.”

“Keep calm and add”

Dum to your Biryani

“Eating biryani in your favourite place”

“A full plate of Biryani is the solution to every problem”

Biryani quotes for Instagram

Biryani quotes for Instagram

“Don’t be an elaichi in someone else’s Biryani.”

“I can eat biryani any time anywhere,

Just give me…”

“If someone says true love doesn’t exist, make them taste biryani.”

“When life gives you a thousand reasons to cry, show life that you got biryani to smile.”

“Ask for something”, said the genie.”Superpower to spot cardamoms in Biryani”, I replied.”

“I don’t need motivational quotes. I need Biryani.”

“Happiness is … HOME-COOKED BIRYANI.”

Biryani quotes in English

Biryani quotes in English

“Thought of the day. A lot can happen while craving for Biryani.”

“Just the thought of it makes us feel happy!”

“I literally want to thank the person who invented the dish – biryani..”

“Eating biryani in your favorite place, With same old friends is still a dream for many.”

“Biryani is nothing But, Just a State of Happiness.”

“Biryani is my forever love.”

“My one and only forever Biryani”

“Eating good food is my favorite thing in the whole world. Nothing is more blissful.”

Biryani lovers quotes

Biryani lovers quotes

“You are a biryani, my friend. Don’t let anyone treat you like a Chawal(rice).”

“All types of biryani other than Hyderabadi Biryani will be referred to as Pulao.”

“It’s better to love biryani, at least biryani wouldn’t say ‘ghar walay nahi maanenge.”

“Food is essential for ‘Life’ therefore have “BIRIYANI”


Veg biryani quotes

Veg biryani quotes

“When life gives you a chance, be a chicken of the biryani rather than a Clove.”

“The veggie delight”

“I can’t make everyone happy, I am not Biryani.”

“It’s not biryani it’s pulao”

“Let the veggies sizzle a bit”

Chicken biryani Quotes

Chicken biryani Quotes

“All my problems have one solution: Biryani”

“Sizzling flavours of chicken”

“That’s the twist”

“Chicken curry is a dish,

But biryani is an emotion!”

Mutton biryani quotes

Mutton biryani quotes


“Eat her like she is the only plate of your mutton biryani in these quarantine days.”

“Maturity is realizing that mutton biryani is tastier than chicken biryani.”

“I am Bengali. We do not need anti depressants. A plate of warm mutton biryani with an almost melting aloo does the job for me.”

“I just can’t resist mutton biryani.”

Hyderabadi biryani quotes

Hyderabadi biryani quotes

“Its not Biryani its Pulao”

“The Hyderabadi flavour”

“all we need is peace, love & more biryani”

“Enjoy the taste”

“This is the actual biryani”

The Biryani’s Ingredients

The essential components of this dish are rice, meat, marinade, and spices. While basmati rice is undoubtedly typical, other grains like seeraga samba and jeerakasala are also available. The sort of protein will depend on the region from which the Biryani is made; coastal places, for instance, will include fish and shrimp, while inland areas may consist of chicken, goat, mutton.

Before cooking the meat is typically marinated before cooking, and the most popular marinade is yogurt-spiced since the acid in yogurt helps tenderize the flesh. A biryani’s rich flavor is derived from the numerous layers of spices used in its preparation.

 You can use these spices whole, ground, separately, as a spice blend, or all at once. The dish may also have seeds and herbs, and it frequently has caramelized onions, dried or fresh fruit, nuts, and fresh herbs on top.

Amazing things about Biryani

As with everything in cuisine, meals are usually tailored to the local tastes and ingredients, and the tale is no different with the Biryani. We noticed different versions in other nations.

In India

From North to South, whenever we talked about Biryani with our Indian friends, various cities were mentioned, such as Lucknow, Kolkata, Malabar, Ambur, and with great prominence, the city of Hyderabad.

We tried it in practically every major Indian city we visited, and each one deserves the fame it has for being unique. As a result, despite the lengthy debates we’ve heard over the greatest Biryani, the decision was always entirely subjective. It involves additional factors beyond the flavor, affective memory, and distinct moments experienced surrounding the meal.

 We loved the Hyderabadi Dum Biryani the most, which we learned about on a culinary course in Hyderabad.

The different types of Biryani in India:

Hyderabad: A well-renowned Kacchi Dum style, it is notable for its juiciness, aroma, and spicy. Along with cardamom, cinnamon, clove, and other spices, saffron is a significant characteristic of this cuisine.

Lucknow (Awadhi): The nearest to the Biryani of Hyderabad, famous for the method Pakki Dum. Also Known as Awadhi Biryani, it separates itself by being more subtle in the usage of spices.

Kolkata: One of the characteristics of Bengali cuisine is its sweetness. Other characteristics of this recipe are nutmeg, potatoes, cooked egg, perfumes such as Kewra (Pandanus essence), and Rosewater.

Ambur (Tamil Nadu): Famous in Tamil Nadu, this Biryani employs a distinct type of rice called Seeraga Samba, distinguished by shorter grains than standard basmati rice. Among the spices, the usage of coriander and mint is stressed.

Malabar: Popular in Kerala, the Malabar Biryani also includes raisins and cashew nuts in addition to another short-grain rice variety called Khyma. Something we loved about the Biryani we tasted in the city of Cochin, in the state of Kerala, was the option of Tamarind sauce to add it.

Outside India:

Along with India, other nations that have various variations include Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and even Thailand.

In Penang, Malaysia, we became fans of the delectable meals of Nasi Kandar with Biryani rice.

We showed the Khao Mok Gai (Thai chicken Biryani) in Thailand. This fascinating and aromatic variant also employs various spices but is less excellent than the Malaysian version.

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Some Related FAQs

1. Which rice is best for Biryani?

Basmati rice is the favored option for Biryani because of the long grains, non-sticky nature, scent, soft texture, and fluffy and separate grains when cooked.

2. What gives Biryani its Colour?

Saffron, which contributes color and flavor, gives authentic Biryani its color.

3. Which Biryani is spicy?

Hyderabadi Biryani typically contains spicy meat and has a lovely saffron hue. On the other hand, the meat in Lucknowi biryani is marinated in yogurt and herbs and is silky.

4. What causes the aroma of Biryani?

Rice is cooked in a pot of boiling water flavored with cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise, nutmeg, and lemon juice. 

5. What is the best oil for Biryani?

The ideal oil for Biryani and other Indian meals is ghee, which is refined butter.

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