75+ Waheguru quotes to make you strong

Waheguru quotes
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About Waheguru

Waheguru, Vahguru, and Vahiguru are not just words but these are everything for the Sikh community(Sikhism). These words don’t represent any particular guru from the 10 gurus mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib(The Sikh Scripture). So before Waheguru Quotes Just read some information about the Waheguru first.

The word Waheguru actually refers to god according to the scripture Guru Granth Sahib. But if someone says to you that Guru Nanak dev Ji is Waheguru That’s completely fine because many people believe that Guru Nanak is the oldest in Sikhism and he was the one who founded Sikhism. The Word Waheguru actually a mixture of two words one is ‘wah’ in Persian and another word is ‘guru’ from the Sanskrit word. In order to read more about Waheguru, you can visit here at Waheguru

Many people just don’t even know who were all ten gurus of the Sikh community so Here is the table from where you can easily learn came to know the gurus of the Sikh community:-

The table on 10 Sikh Guru’s(Waheguru)

Gurus of Sikh CommunityGuruship on(year)Name of the Guru’s
1st Gurun/aGuru Nanak Dev Ji
2nd Guru1539Guru Angad
3rd Guru1552Guru Amar Das
4th Guru1574Guru Ram Das
5th Guru1581Guru Arjan
6th Guru1606Guru Har Gobind
7th Guru1644Guru Har Rai
8th Guru1661Guru Har Krishan
9th Guru1665Guru Teg Bahadur
10th Guru1675Guru Gobind Singh Ji
Table for 10 Guru’s

So here are some of the Quotes on Waheguru:-

20 special Wahe Guru Quotes In English

1. “He Who Regards All Men as Equal Is Religious.”

2. “I Will Fully Declare What Result the Giver Obtains After Death if He Gives Food, Designed for the Gods or Manes, to a Man Who Is Unworthy to Sit in the Compant.”

3. “I Am Neither Male Nor Female, Nor Am I Sexless. I Am the Peaceful One, Whose Form Is Self-effulgent, Powerful Radiance.”

4. “The world is a drama, staged in a dream.”

5. “Burn Worldly Love, Rub the Ashes and Make Ink of It, Make the Heart the Pen, the Intellect the Writer, Write That Which Has No End or Limit.”

6. “Those Who Have Loved Are Those That Have Found God.”

7. “What Should the Yogi Have to Fear? Trees, Plants, and All That Is Inside and Outside Is He Himself.”

8. “I Am Neither Male Nor Female, Nor Am I Sexless. I Am the Peaceful One, Whose Form Is Self-effulgent, Powerful Radiance.”

9. “He Who Regards All Men as Equals Is Religious.”

10. “Death Would Not Be Called Bad, O People, if One Knew How to Truly Die.”

11. “Speak Only That Which Will Bring You Honor.”

12. “The World Is a Drama, Staged in a Dream.”

13. “The World Is Burning in the Fire of Desire, in Greed, Arrogance and Excessive Ego.”

14. “I Am Neither a Child , a Young Man, Nor an Ancient , Nor Am I of Any Caste.”

15. “Even Kings and Emperors, With Mountains of Property and Oceans of Wealth – These Are Not Even Equal to an Ant, Who Does Not Forget God.”

16. “That Which Is True, You Believe to Be Untrue; What Is Transitory, You Believe to Be Permanent.”

17. “Practicing hypocrisy and attaching your mind to worldly objects, your doubt shall never depart.”

18. “Humility is the word, forgiveness is the virtue, and sweet speech is the magic mantra.”

19. “We treat everybody as our friend and all are our associates.

20. “God Is One, but He Has Innumerable Forms. He Is the Creator of All and He Himself Takes the Human Form.”

20 Waheguru Ji quotes

21. “The Production of Children, the Nurture of Those Born, and the Daily Life of Men, of These Matters Woman Is Visibly the Cause.”

22. “Death Would Not Be Called Bad, a People, if One Knew How to Truly Die.”

23. “Dwell in Peace in the Home of Your Own Being, and the Messenger of Death Will Not Be Able to Touch You.”

24. “You Give Support to All Beings. You Have Made the Creation as Your Throne.”

25. “Even Kings and Emperors With Heaps of Wealth and Vast Dominion Cannot Compare With an Ant Filled With the Love of God.”

26. “Before becoming a Sikh, a Hindu, a Muslim or a Christian Lets Become a Human First.”

Read Some More Waheguru Ji Quotes and Be Blessed.

27. “Owing to Ignorance of the Rope, the Rope Appears to Be a Snake: Owing to Ignorance to Self the Transient State Arises of the Individualized, Limited, Phenomenal Aspect of Self.”

28. “With Their Death Already Ordained, Mortals, Come Into This World.”

29. “Let No Man in the World Live in Delusion. Without a Guru, None Can Cross Over to the Other Shore.”

30. “Whoever Has Come, Shall Depart; All Shall Have Their Turn.”

31. “Faith in Him Has Welled Up Within My Mind. Nanak Gives This Advice.”

32. “The glories are in the Lord’s own hand. He blesses those with whom He is pleased.”

33. “Through Shallow Intellect, the Mind Becomes Shallow, and One Eats the Fly, Along With the Sweets.”

34. “Burn Worldly Love,
Rub the Ashes and Make Ink of It,
Make the Heart the Pen,
The Intellect the Writer,
Write That Which Has No End or Limit.”

35. “Sing the Songs of Joy to the Lord, Serve the Name of the Lord, and Become the Servant of His Servants.”

36. “Those Who Have Loved Are Those That Have Found God.”

37. “Let No Man in the World Live in Delusion. Without a Guru None Can Cross Over to the Other Shore.”

38. “The Glories Are in the Lord’s Own Hand. He Blesses Those With Whom He is Pleased.”

39. “If the People Use the Wealth Bestowed on Them by God for Themselves Alone or for Treasuring It, It Is Like a Corpse. But if They Decide to Share It With Others, It Becomes Sacred Food.”

40. “Even Kings and Emperors With Heaps
Of Wealth and Vast Dominion Cannot
Compare With an Ant Filled With
The Love of God.”

20 Positive Waheguru quotes

41. “The production of children, the nurture of those born, and the daily life of men, of these matters woman, is visibly the cause.”

42. “They would drown and drown those who had a lot of wealth on themselves.
They would drown and drown, on whom God be merciful.”

43. “Give thanks for what you have got, be patient for what you have not got. Money stays here, if you do, worry about your sins.

44. “Without you, I would have no hope.”

45. “Don’t think about what people think of us. Instead, imagine what God thinks of us.

46. “The sorrows and pleasures are the only prayers according to the principle of Waheguru ‘kudrat’.

47. “Prayers are needed for your love, service at god’s court.

48. “With both hands clasped around the neck when the Sikh does your prayer.
You also listened very closely, then the work came.”

49. “You, my beloved, how hungry you are, don’t feel sad.”

50. “Apne Aap Ch Sabar Rakho
Har Phull Apne Apne Time Teh Khilda”

51. “Na Socheya Kro Ena Zindagi De Barre
Jine Zindagi Diti Ae Usne V Taan Kuj Socheya Hou”

52. “Jab Sab Kuj Paise Nal Hi Mil Janda Hunda
Tah Rab Nu Kaun Yaad Karda.”

53. “Ardass Meri Rehmat Teri
Gunnaah Mere, Bakshish Teri”

54. “Jado Rabb Saambh Lenda Hai Taa
Puri Duniya Mill Ke V Tuhanu Hara Nahi Sakdi.”

55. “Hosle Buland Rakhi Malka
Changeh-maadey Din Ta Aunde Hi Rehnde Ne.”

56. “Rabb Naal Judke Raho Haalat Tuanu Tod Nahi Sakde.”

57. “Aaj Guru Ghar Gaya
Te Rab Ne Bhi Khariya Khariya Suna Ditiya
Humesha Magan He Aana Hai
Kade Milan Bhi Aa Jaya Kar.”

57. “Saava Lakh Se Ek Laraun Tahbi
Gobind Singh Naam Kahaun.”

58. “Mainu es tara apne rang vich rang de
Mainu saah v naa aave tera naam simare bina.”

59. “Har Thokar Te Menu Ehi Ehsaas Hoya Ki
Hey Waheguru Tere Bina Mera Koi Nahi.”

60. “Aisi Subah Naa Aave Naa Aave Aise Shyam
Jis Din Juban Pe Meri Aave Naa
Waheguru Ji Ka Naam.”

15 Another Waheguru Quotes in Punjabi

61. “Dhan Dhan
Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji
De Parkash Purab Diya
Aap Nu Lakh Lakh Vadhaiya.”

62. “Changga maaara time rabb de hath aa
Je time maara vi chalda aa te haar naa maanoo
Channgga time vi jaroor aauga.”

63. “Saiyan tu na kare te kare ho keda
Meriya sab zabhata puriya ni..Loki
Takde aib sinh mere to main takda
Rehmata teriya ni.”

64. “Log rang badalte ne
Par mera Waheguru Waqt badalda hai”

65. “Gurbaani te samundar dono hi bahut gehre ne
Fark sirf ek hi hai ki samundar di gehrai vich insaan dubb janda hai
Te Gurbaani di gehraai vich insaan taarr janda hai.”

66. “Tusi Sabar Di Hadh Par Karo
Waheguru Ji Tehmat Di Hadh Par Karenge.”

67. “Koshish Na Karo Sab Nu Khush Rakhan Di
Naraz Tah Lokk Rabb Toh Vi Ne.”

68. “Kisi nu darr hunda
Kise nu yakeen hunda
Ke rabb vekh raha hai.”

69. “Power of Ardass
Jo Neeva Hoke Jeena Skh Lenda,
Usnu Waheguru Bohot Upar Tak Lae Ke Jande Ne.”

70. “You alone are the support without whom no one seems dear, God has mercy.”

71. “If there is happiness then give humility, if there is sorrow then give courage.”

72. “The love of the babe on the bread of the langar.”

73. “Jan Nanak appeared, dust, fog, the world became light.”

74. “I am very happy, I am very sad, I am not happy with anyone. Finally helped.”

75. “I have heard that you have made the fortune of millions, look where my application is hidden.”

Waheguru Quotes

Some More Related articles.

What Does Waheguru mean?

Sikhs have many words to describe God. The widest name used is ‘Waheguru’ which means ‘wondrous enlightener’.

Who said Waheguru First?

Guru Nanak dev was the first among all the gurus who said the word ‘Waheguru’

Is Waheguru Mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib?

Yes, the Word Waheguru is mentioned in the Guru Granth Sahib. It was mentioned approximately 18 times in a book.


So These Were Some of the positive Waheguru Quotes, wishes, Status And we hope that you liked them because these quotes have very deep meanings and if you will try to understand them at that time you feel that you are getting peace and you will become more strong internally. Thanks for reading the article in order to give feedback just tell us below in the comments we will surely go through it.

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