15+ Best India Gate Quotes for Martyr Soldiers

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whenever we listen to the word India gate quotes we think about a beautiful monument. but in reality, it has a Dark Past in which the soldiers of India died in the world war. So in order to give respect to some unrecognized Soldiers of India, we are here to provide some best India gate quotes. Firstly we let you know something about India gate and after that, we will give some of the Quotes on India gate.

Something about India Gate

India gate officially known as the Delhi memorial all India war memorial is a sandstone monument located in New Delhi. It was manufactured to dedicate Troops of British India who were dead in the wars Fought between 1914-1919 (first world war and Anglo Afgan war). The construction of this war memorial started on 10th February 1921 and was completed on 12th February 1931. it was architected by Sir Edwin Lutyens who designed many other war memorials and also was the design planner of New Delhi the material used in this memorial is the yellow and red sandstone and granite. 

So now we will give you some information about India gate in the tabular form below:-

Table On India gate

Type of MonumentWar Memorial(known as Delhi gate or India Gate)
LocationNew Delhi
Construction Started10th Feb 1921
Construction Completed12th Feb 1931
Used materialsRed and Yellow Sandstone with Granite
Designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens
Visiting Hours24 hours 
Fees on entryNo fee (free for all)
Architectural styleTriumphal Style
Why was it builtIn the memory of the death of undivided Indian soldiers 
who died during World war-1
Table For India Gate

So now this is it about India gate rest you can read from Here and Now we came back to what you exactly want India Gate Quotes. Also if you want to learn some information about Taj mahal Quotes you can Read more from Here.

15+ Best Monument quotes for martyr soldiers

1.”India Gate is not just a gate it is emotion for almost all Indians.”

2.”Amar Jawan Jyoti and India Gate Remind Us of All the Brave Soldiers.”

3.”Memory is the treasure house of the mind wherein the India gate there of are kept and preserved.”

4.”The Pride of India!, The Property of Love!
The Pillar of Trust!, So Our Hopes Never Last! This is what India gate is.”

5.”Delhi Now Belonged to Everyone Who Lived in It.
But No One Belonged to Delhi.”

6.”The One Who Left Behind, His Tale Of Glory,
Your Engraved Name, Still Tells Your Story…”

7.”How Differently We Walk on the Same Road, My Darkness Inside Prefers the Morning Light
But Your Warm Bright Heart Loves the Night, And So We Create a Balance, Everyday.”

India gate quotes

8.”India Gate Is So Great, It Has Names of Soldiers
Who Had Death in Their Fate, But if It’s for the Nation, It’s Nothing Mate.”

9.”I Met a Hundred Men
Going to Delhi and
Everyone Is My Brother.”

10.”Delhi. The Ruins of an Old City,
Markets, Monuments, Broken
Mansions, the Zigzag of Roads,
The Still Sad Times of Music Past.
And Rising Up From It, Her Mother,
Wind in Her Hair, Laughing Like a Witch.”

11.”Both heart and Delhi
may have been worn out.
But some little pleasures
still remain in this ruined house.”

12.”You Are Not a Desi Kid if You Have Not Gotten Confused Between India Gate and Gateway of India at Least for Once…”

13.”There will be sunshine in the journey, Whoever can walk, let’s go…
everyone is in the crowd, If you can leave too then come on!!”

14.”All Those Who Fought Bravely,
Have Names, Carved on the Gate…
Lucky They Are, to Be Remembered This Way,
Lucky They Are, to Tell Their Story in a Different Way…
Proud Be Their Blood Today,
To See Them Embarked on the Heart of the Nation’s Clay…

15.”Delhi Alone Is a City of Love.
All Those That Have Passed
Through Have Looted It.”

So These Were Some of the India Gate Quotes, wishes, Status And we hope that you liked them because these quotes may make you emotional for the martyr of soldiers who fought for Our ancestors From the side of Allies forcefully. They have a huge contribution to Our independence too. Thanks for reading the article in order to give feedback just tell us below in the comments we will surely move through it.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is the symbol of India Gate?

The India Gate(formally known as the All India War Memorial) is the war memorial located astride Rajpath, New Delhi.

Can we enter India Gate?

Yes, India Gate is open all day and night every day.

What is the Best Time to visit India Gate?

The Best Time to visit India Gate is between 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm because it looks more beautiful at night.

Who built India Gate?

Edwin Lutyens was the architect of India Gate

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