What are the Importance of images?

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What are the Importance of images 

The big question mark arrives when we askWhat are the Importance of images?From some of few days many people asked me that What are the Importance of images? and how you can manage your blog and all YouTube channel I only have one awnser for them “image designing“on your website for YouTube video yes you read it right it is my  image designing which makes my website for YouTube channel attractive so that a new user when came on my website and then may you realise the power the importance of images if he didn’t saw  any image then may be your article is worst  to them .So,In order to gain traffic to your website  you have to use images for better presentation by doing image designing if you’ll not update it then suerly it will looks like that your content which is outdated or you have no value content.

Which  type of images does we have to use on our website?

The above question that is ‘which type of images that we have to use on website for’What are the Importance of images’ is asked multiple times to me and they told me some of the following questions:-

Does we have to use .jpeg extension file?

I just have to say all of them that no this type of extension is not friendly as if you use jpeg file extension these all take quite more space then it needed. And may take more than one mb space which may affect your site speed but as we know the Importance of images is on top so that’s why all the remaining article I written for.

Does we have to use  .PNG extension file?

I again have to say all of you that this type of extension is also not friendly as the previous .jpeg extension because it also takes a big space in our website due to which our site speed becomes slower by the day if we use These types regularly.but as we know the Importance of images is on top so that’s why all the remaining article I written for

What type of images does we have to use ?

The Big question again and again arrives what type of extension of the images does we need?
The awnser to this question is very simple that is what good site speed developers tells us what is your website speed at this time we have to check it regularly in order to compete with other websites.
So Instead of these extensions we have to use recommend image extensions named as webp,webp2000,or you acn compress your files.
but as we know the Importance of images is on top so that’s why all the remaining article I written for

Can we use Google downloaded images?

The answer to this question is maybe yes or no
And these are as follows:-

Why yes?

Yes is just because there  are many websites which are providing you non copyrighted images these websites are ROYALITY FREE or creative commons licensed so if you are using there images then no copyright issue will came.
ALSO,If you are using images directly from Google it is not good  because copyright claim or strike may came to you,
So you can use these images by using the following step:-
Firstly If you are using Google in your mobile
Then the step is hust switch it to desktop mode and click on tool right on top of right there and then click on creative commons then download any of the image and you’ll not get any copyright there
What are the Importance of images?
Some of the website which are providing these royality free images are as follows:-
The pictures which I provided in this article is 
Download by pexels so don’t worry about that.

Why no?

The main reason for that is is because all the images that are provided to Google are are given by someone to their website and the people who created that website doesn’t want you take that image and reuse it because because that image is created by the owner of the website and made it from his hard work so so if you have AdSense approval on your website then the website owner can put copyright strike or copyright claim on your website due to which your website’s AdSense account can be banned by the Google but as we know the Importance of images is on top so that’s why all the remaining article I written for

Which is the best alternative 

You can simply use the links that are provided below to you if you will click on these links you will be redirected to best website of non copyrighted images
Now the main question arrives 

how to increase website traffic?

You can simply increase it by making social media accounts and share your website there so 
or  by ranking your website in top of Google
Which is my upcoming article topic(on backlinks).

Evaluation of these photographs on whatsapp 


We can just send these photographs to our WhatsApp pack to get an exuberant day 
In addition, also to get others upbeat and acknowledges that we care them 
So basically download it and offer it 

Evaluation of these photographs on Instagram 


We can basically send these pics of welcome, mind blowing night type bit by bit pictures bcoz the individual to whom we send these pics gets energetic and besides imagines that individuals like you thinks about them 
In the event that you have any Instagram check record or more teaches address clarifications or pictures or unfathomable night, remarkable morning type pictures you can basically download them and scatter there kid that with no problematic work you get pictures and you can disperse it 



On Twitter you can essentially tweet these photographs and offer remarkable morning pictures to all so you can fundamentally share them to all and others additionally can tweet on there Twitter accounts and when they tweet and the individuals saw it ,by then everything get some imperativeness which is needful to individuals so simply offer such pics to keep up better relations with them 



On Pinterest you can basically share such a photographs of good morning or inconceivable night pictures or such a photos on which the declaration is recorded on them by essentially nailing it to the Pinterest the techniques are incredibly clear: 
The going with advance are as indicated by the going with essentially go to 
pinterest.com and fundamentally click on join append and simply make your record after the basic advances you basically need to go on your profile and uncover the improvements anything you need after that basically go to the fuse new pin essentially make your site it and pin plans pictures which is given to you on this site as this site of mine gives you non copyrighted and influence free pictures so essentially go to it and pin any of the photographs of this site by then make your site and get the real traffic on the Pinterest as I likewise have a record on it and I get a tremendous measure of traffic from Pinterest so you fundamentally need to do is make your record and get traffic on your site 



one of my supported stage which is known as Quora that is puzzling basically expected to do an aspect of the reasonable advances which I will give you the going with advance are as per the going with from the start you basically need to go to the quora.com or you can in a general sense download the Quora application by then fundamentally make a record it on it my basically tapping enthusiastic for progression new record button by the manner by which I will make reference to you what is the Quora is the stage which offers you question and responses as you overall see that the quora.com is on the first on the Google search since it has most raised DA PA and it positions on the rule that since all the individuals make account on Quora and offer the responses to the solicitations which were introduced by individuals like you so this is it for this article on the off chance that you like our article just reading s in remark box a commitment of gratefulness is all together for looking at.
So this is it for today’s article hope you like to read it if yes just comment and if no then also tell us what is problem and also please SHARE it and support us the most
Thanks a lot.

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