53+ Best Lord Vishnu Quotes, Status, and Instagram Captions

Lord Vishnu Quotes
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Lord Vishnu Quotes is one of the most searched topics on Google India. As everyone searches for the teachings of Lord Vishnu, which were given by their avatars, i.e., Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, So, after a brief introduction to Lord Vishnu, we will present you with captions and moral teachings of Lord Vishnu in the form of quotes

Something About Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu also referred to as “The Sustainer,” is among the 3 Hindu gods, along with Brahma and Shiva. Lord Vishnu sits at the center of the Gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. He can’t be expressed in words as he is beyond words but still we are trying to provide you with the best information about him here.

Vishnu is the pacifist god of that trinity—also known as the world’s savior or nurturer of life. In the Hindu trinity, Vishnu is indeed the second deity (or Trimurti). The trio of gods known as the Triumvirate created, maintained, and destroyed the universe.

More Hindus worship Vishnu than any other god, making him among the most popular deities in the religion. These devotees, known as Vaishnavas, adore both Vishnu and his avatars. Vishnu appears in countless ways whenever he must battle evil to protect the moral order. However, there are 24 personas, of which ten incarnations remain the most popular. These ten incarnations are providing you in the form of the table:-

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Table about Lord Vishnu:

Vishnu and Avatars 

1stMatsya (Matsyavatara)Usually seen as a fish or half man & half fish
2ndKurma (Koorma)A turtle
3rdVaraha (Varaaha)A pig or boar
4thNarasimhaA half lion/half man
5thVamanaA dwarf wise man who grows into a giant
6thParashuramaA fierce man/hunter, aka the angry man
7thRamaA warrior/ideal man
8thKrishnaA wise man/statesman
9thGautama Buddha (the omniscient one) or Balarama, Krishna’s brotherA Peaceful Man
10thKalkiA man on a white horse
Avatars of Lord Vishnu


Lord vishnu quotes

Lord vishnu quotes

“True wisdom consists only in the knowledge of Brahman.”

“Vishnu is always pleased with that pure-minded man whose mind is not polluted with anger and other passions.”

“Attachment and passion are the greatest cause of sorrow.”

“The soul that stays within me is eternal.  The soul has no distinct stages in life.”

“Desire is never satiated by enjoyment as fire, fed with oil, becomes the more intense.”

“The mystics derive unlimited transcendental pleasures from the Absolute Truth, and therefore the Supreme Absolute Truth, the Personality of Godhead, is also known as Rama.”

“The Bhagavad-gita can be consulted in all critical times, not only for solace from all kinds of mental agonies, but also for the way out of great entanglements which may embarrass one in some critical hour.”

“One has to learn tolerance in the face of dualities such as happiness and distress, or cold and warmth, and by tolerating such dualities become free from anxieties regarding gain and loss.”

Lord Vishnu Good Morning Quotes

Lord Vishnu Good Morning Quotes

“No one can create as well as God.”

“God is present everywhere, and His right of proprietorship applies to everything. The feature of the Lord by which He is present everywhere is called Paramatma.”

“No one can excel God in any capacity, and therefore no one can be equal to or greater than Him, nor can anyone attain the stage of equality with God by any kind of endeavor.”

“God accepts only the love with which things are offered to Him.”

“God is bigger than the biggest and smaller than the smallest. That is His greatness.”

“All the wonderful cosmic manifestations are existing by the supreme will of God, and all of them are subordinate to that supreme will.”

“Even after passing a life that is full of sorrow, one suffers the agony of death and rebirth again. This whole cycle continues again and again.  Lord Vishnu  is  the  ultimate  refuge  for  the  soul, which  feels  drowned  in  the  ocean  of sorrow.”

“A wise person hence must ignore the different stages of his body’s stay on earth and make efforts for this benefit right in this childhood.”

Narayan quotes in english

Narayan quotes in english

“Anger takes away the great and immense asceticism and fame acquired with extreme toil by men.”

“Those who do not know this entire world as consciousness in reality see it as material and drift in the ocean of delusion.”

“Self of all beings! From the Creator (Brahma) to the blade of grassall is your body, visible and invisible, divided by space and time.”

“We worship you as Brahma, the Immense Being, the first shape, who sprang from the lotus of your navel to create the worlds.”

“Krishna may crush our ego, pulverize it, crush it to powder, make it into granules. Do we still continue to remain faithful to Krishna?”

“One who acts to serve Krishna with his body, mind, intelligence and words is a liberated soul, even within this material world.”

“Devotional service begins with the chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra and side by side trying to understand Krishna in truth.”

“There are some people who neither do their duties nor practice religion, but repeat, ‘God, God’. They are enemies of God, because God has to take a human form to demonstrate true religion to them.”

Lord Vishnu Images with Quotes

Lord Vishnu Images with Quotes

“It is better to suffer a small loss than acquiring wealth by hostility.”

“He who speaks wisely, moderately and compassionately proceeds to the regions which are perpetual sources of bliss.”

“He who is intelligent, bashful, forgiving, god-fearing and humble proceeds to the region which is obtainable only through hard spiritual practices.”

“The earth is upheld by the truthfulness of those who have controlled their passions, and who, always following pious observances, are not sullied by desire, covetousness and anger.”

“Those who do not know this entire world as consciousness in reality see it as material and drift in the ocean of delusion.”

“A person who knows the creation and dissolution of the universe, the coming and going of beings, and their knowledge and ignorance is called Bhagavan.”

“Desire is never satiated by enjoyment as fire, fed with oil, becomes the more intense.”

“When man does not cherish any sinful feeling towards creatures and looks on all with an equal eye – he then finds everything full of pleasure and delight.”

Lord Vishnu sayings

Lord Vishnu sayings

“Birth is consequent upon the virtue and vice of pristine actions.”

“The earth is upheld by the truthfulness of those who have controlled their passions, and who, always following pious observances, are not sullied by desire, covetousness and anger.”

“Thus the one and only God, Janardana, takes the designation of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, accordingly as he creates, preserves, or destroys. Vishnu as creator creates Himself; as preserver preserves Himself; as destroyer destroys Himself at the end of all beings.”

“The more a man will create dear relations, the more deeply will be implanted the thorns of anxiety in his heart.”

“Birth, youth and decay are the properties of the body not of the soul.”

“In this ocean of the world infested with many miseries Vishnu is your only stay.”

“Same thing which at one time brings on anger will become reason for delight at another time.”

“Nothing in itself is either pleasurable or painful; pleasure, pain and the like merely denominate the various states of mind.”

“Same thing sometimes gives delight, sometimes pain, sometimes creates jealousy and sometimes anger. Therefore everything in this world is a source of misery.”

“Saints who are purified from all sins by bathing in its waters and whose minds are intent on Keshava, acquire thereby final liberation.”

“The offenses of any man who bathes in Ganga River are immediately expiated and unprecedented virtue is engendered.”

Vishnu Bhagwan Quotes

Vishnu Bhagwan Quotes

“No one lives even a moment without faith, even unconsciously.”

“Its waters, offered by children to their ancestors in faith for three years, yield to the latter rarely attainable gratification.”

“People who offer sacrifice in Ganga to the Lord of Sacrifice, Purushottama, obtain whatever they desire, either here or in heaven.”

“One who has developed attachment to Krishna is Krishna Conscious. Krishna Consciousness The Topmost Yoga System, Srila Prabhupada.”

“The Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna is the only enjoyer. Everyone and everything else is the object of his enjoyment.”

“Krishna composes ever new melodies on his flute and the black she deer comes running towards krishna leaving behind her home and her husband.”

“This is the symptom of a pure devotee. One should serve the spiritual master first. It is not that one should bypass the spiritual master and desire to serve the Supreme Lord. This is not the principle for a Vaishnava.”

“To travel in another country, you need visa permission, similarly to go back to Godhead you need permission & mercy from his pure devotee.”

“Only to those great souls who have implicit faith in both the Lord and the spiritual master are all the imports of the Vedic knowledge automatically revealed.”

“When we face difficulties and still remain faithful to Krishna and the spiritual master, we access the infinite mercy of their hearts.”

About Lord Vishnu(A brief Explanation)

Every time evil, unrest, and hostile forces endanger the earth, Vishnu manifests as an incarnation to safeguard dharma and reestablish cosmic order. The ten main avatars of Vishnu are known as the Dashavatara. Ram and Krishnan are the two most significant among these 10.

The bird Garuda serves as Vishnu’s vahana, or mode of transportation, while Vaikuntha is his heavenly home.

The spirals of the thousand-hooded gigantic snake Adishesha, which has unlimited proportions, serve as Vishnu’s bed in the pearly seas of Vaikunth. His companion, Goddess Lakshmi, takes care of him. In terms of symbolism, the ocean represents joy and enlightenment, the serpent represents time, diversity, desire, and delusion, and the devi means the things and forces of creativity.

In terms of appearance, the alluring Lord Vishnu is depicted as a blue-colored God. The eyes appear much like the petals of a lotus and are full of compassion and affection. His hair is curly and flows down to his shoulders, and he always has a bright grin.

The four arms in his depiction represent his all-powerful and all existence. He is portrayed as a four-armed man form. The two hands in the front stand for Vishnu’s physical reality, while the hands in the back signify his intellectual presence. The four arms of Vishnu are described in the Upanishad known as Gopal Uttartapani.

The club or hammer (Gada), which serves as Vishnu’s weaponry and symbolizes the total energy from which each physical and cognitive abilities arise, is known as the Kaumodaki. It represents power and endurance and is one of the earliest known weaponry.

Symbols of brightness and sunshine surround Vishnu since the sunlight is a sign of him. Lord Vishnu also holds a lotus flower to represent independence, the splendor of life, and a chakra, or kind of disc, that stresses attention.


Amazing Things About Lord Vishnu:

In times of adversity, Lord Vishnu is tasked with returning to the planet and reestablishing the harmony between good and evil. He has taken many different incarnations, but Hindus think he will have one more near the end of the universe.

A historical Lord Vishnu idol was discovered in Russia, even though Hinduism, the prevalent religion on the Indian subcontinent, is the prominent place where Lord Vishnu is revered.

The head is adorned with a crown, signifying his absolute power. A peacock feather is occasionally included in his crown, a nod to his Krishna-avatar.

Who the progenitor of Lord Vishnu is is still a mystery. Moreover, the father and the mother of Lord Vishnu are clearly stated in our holy books, particularly the Puranas. One can learn helpful knowledge regarding Lord Vishnu’s parents by reading the Shiv Purana and Shrimad Devi Bhagwat Sutra.

A lotus flower emerged from Vishnu’s womb when he awoke, and as it eventually bloomed, it gave rise to Lord Brahma. Upon seeing Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma rendered him respect before beginning the creation of the entire universe with Lord Vishnu’s graces.

What is the lifespan of Lord Vishnu is a different query that has remained a secret up until this point. Shrimad Devi Bhagwat Puran, in particular, makes it abundantly evident that Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are all involved in life and death, which also implies the Lord Vishnu is a part of both the birth-and-death process. 

Lord Vishnu’s 40 meters long footprint can be found in a temple called Vishnupad. The impression of this temple, popularly known as Dharmasila, which the Falgu River situates, features nine signs comprising Shankam, Chakram, and Gadham. These are supposed to represent Lord Vishnu’s weapons. Vishnupad is entrapped in a silvery pond and has an engraving on rock layers.

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Samudra Manthana Story:

The gods requested the asuras for assistance in retrieving the amrita, the potion of immortality, from the bottom of the universe since they had become weaker due to a curse placed upon them by the impetuous monk Durvasas. Vishnu instructed the gods and devils to utilize Vasuki, a gigantic serpent, as a string and Mountain Madura as a whirling stick. The gods grabbed the tail of the naga Vasuki while the asuras gripped his head. The deity Shiva caught the poison which Vasuki’s head was about to vomit, saving the amrita from contamination by holding it in his throat.

This action painted Shiva’s throat blue. The mountain started disappearing into the supple seabed’s fine sand as the deities and devils roiled. To satisfy the gods’ wish, Vishnu assumed the shape of a turtle and held the mountains as a pillar, which enabled the churning to continue. The demons went to it as soon as the immortality potion had surfaced. But Vishnu took the shape of Mohini, a stunning woman who enchanted all the monsters. She tricked everyone by substituting the brew for alcohol and giving the priceless liquid back to the gods.


One of the critical gods in Hinduism is Vishnu, who was created by the Maa Durga and the deity Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan). He is born and then dies. He isn’t invincible. Vishnu represents the perfect ruler that our Vedic ancestors envisioned. A true leader can distinguish between the demon and deity, who fights for the gods while understanding their limitations, and vanquishes demons while understanding their worth. Such a leader combines heart and brain, engaged but detached, always thinking about the big picture. When Kaliyuga concludes, a much-anticipated Lord Vishnu incarnation known as the Kalki incarnation shall appear.


1. Who wounded Vishnu in the chest?

Bhrigu was furious that Vishnu was always dozing off on the Shesha and kicked him in the breast to awaken him.

2. What distinguishes Lord Vishnu?

The keeper and guardian of the world are Lord Vishnu.

3. Who can overcome Lord Vishnu?

No one can overcome Lord Vishnu unless a devotee defeats him through religious service.

4. How many spouses did Vishnu have?

Three wives, Goddesses Lakshmi, Sarawati, and Ganga, were all wives of Vishnu.

5. Why does Lord Vishnu blue?

According to symbolism, the color blue accentuates and signifies the subject is infinite, similar to the sky and the sea.

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