44+ Best God of War Quotes, Sayings, Status, and Captions

GOD Of War Quotes
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Are you a huge fan of God Of War? If so, you’ll love these God Of War Quotes about the game! God Of War, the game’s protagonist, is one of the most recognizable and beloved characters in video games. He is a famous warrior sworn to serve the gods. He has a mysterious past, and his journey to uncover his identity is part of the story.

Fans have often pointed out some of the fun facts about Kratos, including the fact that he has been bald since his days as a Spartan and that his tattoos have changed over the course of the series. He also uses some over-the-top ridiculous expressions and mannerisms throughout the game.

The game world of God of War is one of the most visually stunning. It is filled with mythical creatures, gods, and goddesses and is often described as a breathtaking visual experience. Players are also given the opportunity to explore exotic locations, from the mythical Mount Olympus to the depths of the underworld.

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God of War Quotes

God of War Quotes

“Death Can Have Me When It Earns Me”

“Do Not Mistake My Silence For Lack Of Grief.”

“I’m Your Monster No More.”

“I Am What The Gods Have Made Me!”

“A Spartan Never Lets His Back Hit The Ground.”

“A Choice From The Gods Is As Useless As The Gods Themselves.”

“This Is What ‘Sorry’ Looks Like”

“Open Your Heart”

Kratos Quotes

Kratos Quotes

“The Gods Do Not Decide My Fate Thanatos!”

“For What You Did That Night, This City Will Be Your Grave.”

“Mangy Beasts! I Shall Send You Back To The Depths Of Hades”

“Do Not Mistake My Silence For Lack Of Grief!” 

 “I Know. But I’m Your Monster No More”

“The Gods Require Sacrifice…From All Of Us!”

“You Succeeded.”

“Zeus! Your Son Has Returned. I Bring The Destruction Of Olympus!”

Kratos Quotes God of War 4

Kratos Quotes God of War 4

“Tell the God of War I am his no longer, Tell him he is not safe while I walk the Earth.”

“Close your heart to their desperation, Close your heart to their suffering, Do not allow yourself to feel for them, They will not feel for you.”

“Do Not Mistake My Silence For Lack Of Grief.”

“Don’t Be Sorry, Be Better.”

“For What You Did That Night, This City Will Be Your Grave.”

“A true warrior does not hide, Poseidon, Leave the sea, and face me.”

“But I am your monster no longer.”

“Keep your expectations low boy, and you’ll never be disappointed.”

All Kratos Quotes God of War 4

All Kratos Quotes God of War 4

“The Cycle Ends Here. We Must Be Better Than This.”

“Humans don’t leap buildings. Stuntmen with harnesses do. And won’t my crashing eight stories to the ground be detrimental to the mission? The dark elves will swarm me and take me hostage instantly.”

“My body felt alive.I need more.”

“Valkyrie,” Fen growled, eyes locked on my mouth. “Put your lips back on mine, and I will give you what you crave.”

“Personally, I do not want to make you a man. Men are so very frail. Men break. Men die. No, I’ve always wished to make a god.’ He smiles mischievously as he does some sketches on a digital pad. He spins it around and shows me the killer I will become. ‘So why not carve you to be the god of war?’”

“Mellas was transported outside himself, beyond himself. It was as if his mind watched eveything coolly while his body raced wildly with passion and fear. He was frightened beyond any fear he had ever known. But this brilliant and intense fear, this terrible here and now, combined with the crucial significance of every movement of his body, pushed him over a barrier whose existence he had not known about until this moment. He gave himself over completely to the god of war within him.”

“My Vengeance Ends Now.”

Kratos Quotes God of War

Kratos Quotes God of War

“I Killed Many Who Were Deserving, And Many Who Were Not.”

“Who I was is not who you will be.”

“We Win Because We Are Determined, Disciplined, Not Because We Feel Ourselves Superior.”

“The Gods Do Not Decide My Fate Thanatos.”

“A choice from the gods, is as useless as the gods themselves.”

Kratos Inspirational Quotes

Kratos Inspirational Quotes

“Zeus, Your Son Has Returned. I Bring The Destruction Of Olympus.”

“A Choice From The Gods Is As Useless As The Gods Themselves.”

“It Is All I Have, Atlas.”

“I Won’t Take Your Riches, But I Will Take Your Life.”

“You Succeeded.”

“A Spartan Never Lets His Back Hit The Ground.”

“Hephaestus Did What Every Father Should: Protect His Child.”

“You Will Not See The End Of This Day.”

Amazing Things

The music in God of War is nothing short of amazing. The score for the game was composed by composer Bear McCreary, and it does a great job setting the tone for the game. It also has some funny moments and tracks that feature an almost comical take on the game, which makes the experience even more enjoyable.

God of War has been regarded as one of the greatest video games ever made. It has sold millions of copies, won countless awards, and has been praised by fans and critics alike. The game has been credited as one of the main inspirations for the action-adventure genre, and its success has spawned many sequels and spin-offs. With its gripping story and hilarious characters, God of War is sure to be remembered as a classic.

When the first God of War was released, it was one of the most ambitious games ever made. It was created by a small team of developers who had a passion for creating something unique. The game was inspired by Greek mythology and was intended to be an action-adventure game with an emphasis on puzzles, exploration, and storytelling. As the game was being developed, the team realized that they wanted to expand the game with a more in-depth story. This led to the development of a story-driven adventure game, and the popular God of War franchise was born.

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The God of War franchise is a beloved gaming series, and it’s easy to see why. All of the jokes and amusing facts about God of War make it a fun and enjoyable experience for gamers. From the making of God of War to its mystery and drama, it’s an incredibly entertaining series that’s full of surprises. Whether you’re a fan of the series or just playing one of the games for the first time, there are plenty of fun secrets and tidbits to enjoy. So, why not check out what the team at God of War has in store and get ready to have some good old-fashioned fun?


1. What Are the Best Characters in God Of War?

Kratos is, of course, the main character and the powerhouse of the entire game, wielding his trademark weapons and ultra-cool combat moves.

2. What Are the Most Powerful Weapons in God Of War?

The Blades of Chaos are Kratos’ signature weapons, found at the very beginning of the game and serving as his prime weapons up until he achieves his full power.

3. What Are the Hardest Levels in God Of War?

The Challenges of Hades are the hardest set of levels in the game, followed closely by the Trials of Archimedes.

4. What is the Game’s Unique Storyline in God Of War?

The storyline of God Of War is one that is captivating and engaging to its fans. Set in an ancient Greek fantasy world, Kratos is the protagonist and son of Zeus, who has to traverse dangerous realms and battle titans and gods.

5. What Is the Best Way to Defeat the Bosses in God Of War?

The best way to defeat them is by mastering Kratos’ combos and powers, as well as utilizing the environment to your advantage.

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