Best Hindu gods images with quotes

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Best Hindu gods images with quotes

Get all best Hindu gods images with quotes on images they all are best images and non copyrighted-means you can use these images on your website or YouTube etc.Best Hindu gods images with quotes
Best Hindu gods images with quotes
the real king is here
Jai shri krishna

Who is lord Krishna?

According to Bhagvat Gita, mahabharat,other 18 purans and other religions books of Hinduism lord Krishna is the part of lord Vishnu who came many times on earth to destroy adharma.Best Hindu gods images with quotes

Types of yugas and lord Vishnu parts in that yugas

In satyuga-

In satyuga lord Vishnu came on earth as lord Ram who is also known as maryada Purushottam Bhagwan Shri Ram  who are very simple in nature and used the path of Dharma only without doing any adharma,he never showed his power to normal people and gone to 14 yeara vanvas an there he killed Ravana who is most powerful man at that time but God is god.Best Hindu gods images with quotes

In tretayuga-

In tretayuga the god named parsuram ji who is considered as most angriest man in world and also considered as charanjivi which means that it is immortal and never die, According to Hinduism  there are 8 charanjivi on earth from which parsuram ji is a part.but apart from that bagvan parsuram is from before lord ram.Best Hindu gods images with quotes

In dvaparyuga-

In dvaparyuga the naughtiest god named lord
Shri Krishna came and defeated (kansa)his mom’s brother and also he becomes the king of
Dwarka and also called as dwarkadish he uses his power and shows his power to everyone as may be he realised that no one can live like prabhu shri ram and uses his power also the reason for great mahabharat is lord Krishna
He is the best person for cause of Mahabharata
People in satyuga follows dharma but as the time passes the dharma converts to adharma and by the end now at kalyuga all adharma (crimes) are at top.Best Hindu gods images with quotes

In kalyuga-

In kalyug when adharma is on top ,at this time all hindus Books tells us that the last part of lord Vishnu comes which is named as kalki avtar and finishes all adharma and all becomes happy again this may be happens at the end of kalyug.Best Hindu gods images with quotes
Best Hindu gods images with quotes
Namo namo shankara
Bolenath shankara
Hey triloknath shambhu
Hey shivay shankara
Subah subah le shiv ka nam

Now I’ll tell you something about lord shiva

Lord shiva as creator and destroyer
Lord Shiva is considered as creator and destroyer of this world because according to all of hindu mythology books lord shiva is among the three greatest lords named bhrama,vishnu, mahesh ( here you get those all images of Best Hindu gods images with quotes) and they all tells that lord shiva is destroyer lord bhrama is creator and lord Vishnu is the parents of all.
All mythologist tolds that when the Earth’s end was near at that time then only 8 charanjivi remains on earth including hanuman ji
At the time of end the lord shiva and Hanuman ji becomes one and all charanjivi goes in the lord’s soul at that time earth will die.
Also hanuman ji is the one of the avtar of lord shiva.
Best Hindu gods images with quotes
God made us and we made god
The difference is that we make them fake
Good morning

Who is god?

We all know that without god we all are nothing
And there is one very powerful power who controls us and so thats why we have to do prayers in order to force god to accept us so just do all prayers with your heart.The first step to
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Best Hindu gods images with quotes
Only god has the power to create and finish all
You are nothing in front of God
Remember it
I repeat remember it
Best Hindu gods images with quotes
Om namah shivaya
Om is the symbol which symbolises the lord shiva that’s why we love to use this word.

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