Right age to use social media?

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What is Right age to use social media?


Again and again this question arrives to me what is the right age of using social media I have an awnser to this question the answer to this question is 15-16 years why so lets know it with this article

Why only 15-16 year age is considered as best to start social media platforms?

This is true because at this age the child becomes that much mature to make social media accounts and start using them and tell people about their lifestyle or share their pics to other people. Also,at this age of teenage all people want to make boyfriends and girlfriends and friends that is absolutely right and people should do this and if you are 15-16 yr old child then tell me in comments,that is I know most of the people are of this age who are reading this article.

What should be the role of parents in suggesting their children about social media platforms?

I think parents have the duty to tell their childrens to socialize with others and come in contact with new people of that age which is the right way to help their children in socializing with strangers. In many cases we saw that the people talks much in chatting but when they come across each other then voice of both gets disappeared, this happens mostly in the relationship cases the people talks a lot but at the time of face to face interaction they both shut due to shyness

Does social networks helps in gaining knowledge?

Of course yes but actually this depends on situation that is how you are using it if you are using it only for chatting and entertainment then it gives you none but if you are using it to post knowledgeable content like general knowledge things then of course  it helps you a lot in gaining because if one time it becomes your passion then you will automatically starts gaining knowledge by sharing that content if any of you wants me to post content of yours jus mail me at –aishasaxena447@gmail.com
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Right age to use social media?

Does social media can be considered as career option?if yes how?

Of course yes you can use it as your career option if your social media account is very famous then you have bigger than big career option ,now main question arrives how?
The awnser to this question is just do two to three simple steps
1. Make a website- just make a website by purchasing domain name and your webhosting this may cost you around 3000 -5000 Inr or 50-100 dollars only  and make a proper Website like your social media wherever your have visiters just famous your website at you social media increase domain authority and finished one step
2. Make an affiliate account – your earning source for your website is affiliate marketing or digital marketing means just sell the famous company websites or just a ecommerce website and more where you can use Google Adsense for earning the bigger earning companies for affiliate marketing are famous Amazon, flipkart,Myntra , snapdeal, meshoo,and click banks(highest paying source) these all will gives you commission for every product you sell and all have different different commission rates according to different different categories.
One item commission rate is
Clothing and accessories- 10%
And many more categories and different commission rates so just earn by this method.
3.just share all content on social media and after that you will earn more than anyone after that just one are step remain that is:- connect your bank account. If you all want me to publish full article on affiliate marketing just tell in comments.

Which are some of the social media platforms?

There are many social media websites but some of them are very famous and some are less famous it is just on basis of active users of any website here below I am going to give you the list of top 10 social media platforms with ranking.
Note- this ranking is just on the basis of my experience so it will not hurt anyone.
1 Facebook rank-1 according to me Facebook is the best platform to get users attracted towards your website you can use facebook in two ways
  1. Facebook page – in facebook page you have to make proper page according to your niche means just make your page post a image or any content everyday and just famous it and attract people towards you website and increase authority and you can sell thousands of products by this page if you get millions of followers which I already have so if I can do this why you’ll not.
  2. Facebook account – by using Facebook account you can tell your friends about you plans and facebook page or affiliate marketing or just sell them products and ear from there.
2. Instagram account – at this time when Facebook is considered as oldbook at this stage Facebook buy instagram and now instagram is a part of Facebook ,so after Facebook just go to instagram and famous your Instagram by doing regular basis of hardwork then you suerly get results for eg i also have an account on instagram which have approximately 600-700 followers Which you can increase just by doing hard work and if you just sell 3-5 products you will approximately earn 200-3000inr or 15-45 USD depends on rates and products. You can also visit to instagram logo images
3. Twitter – in twitter their is no limit of sharing links like if you share more than 50 product links in one day you may face your account suspended but if you share it on twitter no limit is there instead of 50 you can share more to than 1000 products per day means no limit and also on twitter the reach is very high depends on content if your comment is liked by someone or retweeted by someone then you have a chance to get amorous number of visitors which may go upto 1 million and suerly your income gets increased by much percent.
4. Pinterest-  In Pinterest when you you had written a full article on any product of affiliate marketing just share that article images on Pinterest so that it the people which are using Pinterest mein come to your website and purchase any of the product in order you will be able to generate higher income than other.
5. Reddit – not so many people know about reddit but still in USA and night Kingdom if you want to sell products you just need reddit and after that just share it.
6. Mix –mix is as same as Pinterest as in Pinterest we have two pin images but in mix we have to win the whole article.
7. Confess out-in confess out and send your products there and also there is a plus point that your name is not visible to any person and may someone purchases your product
8. Whatsapp -in WhatsApp there are many groups which you can join from any of the website by searching groups of WhatsApp and you can sell their your products just by sharing product images their and tell them to buy and you get best commission and your earning becomes double.
9. Snapchat – in Snapchat you can send these products to your friends only but still it is considered as normal platform for affiliate marketing.
And many more available for chatting and talking

Which among these is best earning?

Firstly tell us according to you which is best 
And now we’ll tell you which is best according to sources 1 Facebook page then comes instagram then twitter then whatsapp groups then reddit and then others. These order is just by us to our readers it may vary so we’ll just tell you to do har work .

How to use Telegram app an d how to earn money from it 

As now a days telegram becomes the one of the most famous apps in the world on Google Play store.if you want to read how to earn money from telegram in hindi. and how to use Telegram in hindi you can visit to the links by clicking on highlited lines


whichever information I provided to you is only for educational purpose of anything gone wrong just contact us on our contact us page or in comment we are sure if there is any wrong content we will delete it within 24-48 hrs. But I am sure that you didn’t get any complaint regarding our website.
So guys this is it for today’s article hope you all like this if yes just tell us in comments and give feedback or suggestions to us hope may god bless you all.

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