Happy Dussehra 2020

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 Happy dusshera 2020

happy dussehra,Wishing you all the happy dusshera this year as you all know this year that is in 2020 Dusshera came again on 28th October which is date according to calendar of Hinduism which was created a years ago.

What was the significance of dusshera?

As almost all the people of Hinduism aur which belongs to Hinduism or who has interest in Hinduism sculptures that people approximately know the significance that is that on this day the king of Lanka who is also known as lankesh was killed bye lord Shri Ram that’s why this day is celebrated every year as a festival many people don’t know who the ravan actually is in next paragraph I I am explained it in detail read it carefully.
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Happy Dussehra 2020

Who the actually Ravan is?

Ravan is is the king of of  Lanka which is now a days known as Sri Lanka he is is the biggest devotees of lord Shiva who is considered as the bestest God in Hinduism also the lord Shiva is very powerful they had three eyes. Ravan praise to him everyday every time and he got a very very powerful powers from him and then he can use that powers in any battle.
Happy Dussehra 2020
Happy Dussehra 2020
Happy Dussehra 2020

By whom did the ravan killed?

Ravana was killed by prabhu shri ram who was also the king but not of Lanka he is the king of Ayodhya which is presently situated in up Uttar Pradesh and also shri ram is considered as on of form of lord Vishnu is in the list of top gods which includes
  1. Lord bhrama – lord Brahma is the creator of our world
  2. Lord Vishnu – lord Vishnu is the one who has the responsibility of To flourish all human beings of world that’s why he took birth on this earth various time in order to save us also in shrimad Bhagwat Geeta tells that his last form left in which he will come in the form of kalki avtar
  3. Lord Shiva – he has the power to destroy anything and also he has power to gave power to anyone and many more powers also  he is my favourite god ever
There are 18 purans in Hinduism and each of the god has one one that is bhrama puran, vishnu puran ,shiv puran,etc.

Biography of Ravana

According to Hindu books ravan was a great king and he was very great mind also he has the power that he will never defeat by any human and not by any god exept lord Vishnu . Which Means how a great devotee he was.he has two younger brother’s and one sister and mom and his son.

Intro for His brother and son and sister

  1. kumbhakaran – he is the younger brother of ravan which has two work only that is eat and sleep nothing else it has a story behind it that is once a time kumbkarana do a lot of pray to lord Brahma and then when lord is totally impressed with him and tell him to take a Vardhan and then kumbhakaran says yes I want one after that he want a Indra asan but instead of indra asana  he gets nindra asan because indra says to goddess Saraswati Mata to sit on kumbhakaran tongue and change his words and due to indra Dev’s request saraswati mata agreed and do the same and then this happens.
  2. Megnatha (indrajit) megnatha also known as indrajit was very powerful The warrior and no one can actually compete him he has bigger than bigger weapons given by lords which means no one can defeat him, Also is the one due to which lord lakshmana got injured but after that when he realises who is Prabhu ram actually then he fell ashamed but still fight and tell his father that it was his dharam to fight against prabhu shri ram because ravan was his father.
  3. Vibhishan – vibhishan  is also the younger brother of Ravan also he is the youngest from three of them and also he is the biggest reason for Ravana’s death he has Vardhan that when Ravana’s yudh happens with Prabhu ram he is with Prabhu ram.
  4. Shrupnakha – shrupnakha almost all ramayan lovers must know about shrupnakha she is Ravana’s younger sister whose nose was cut by lakshmana (prabhu shri ram’s brother) and that’s why the fight began when shrupnakha tells ravan about Sita Mata Rama chandra wife.

Prabhu shri ram family

  1. Sita Mata – Sita Mata the daughter of earth was the wife of prbhu shri ram and she also gone to the 14 years of vanvas during Ravana yudh with shri ram and she was kidnapped by ravan but after winning battle from ravan she goes back again
  2. Lakshman – lakshmana was the prabhu shri ram’s brother and also with him during 14 years of vanvas with shri ram and Sita Mata and fought against megnatha and got injured one time but due to Hanuman ji he becomes safe and after that he killed indrajit a.k.a megnatha from his arrow.
  3. Dashrat – he was prabhu shri ram’s father and he gives a pledge from shri ram’s one mother kakai and and then he tell shri ram to go to vanvas for 14 years which was very long period aprox. Also he died when shri ram leaves for vanvas he died.
  4. His three mother’s- his one mother’s name is Kaushalya she was his real mother and gave him birth and loves him lot also he has two more stepmothers named kakai and sumitra Kakai mata was in real the mother of bharat who was ram ji another brother which I talk about next. Kakai mata is the one reason for 14 years of vanvas kakai. One lady named manthra tell kakai mata that bharat is your son and he should be the next king where as all other people want Prabhu ram as king. The third mother name is Sumitra she was actually the mother of ram bhagvan’s two younger brother named lakshmana and shatrughan which we will talk about next.
  5. Bharat – he was the ramji’s younger brother but elder than other brother’s he was the king till the prabhu shri ram was in vanvas and he also want Prabhu ram to become king of Ayodhya.
  6. Shatrughan – he was the youngest brother of shri ram son of sumitra and brother of lakshman he had very good character in ramayan.

When does the ravan die? and why this day is known as Dusshera ?

Ravan dies on the day of dusshera which was the next day of ram navmi which was the day of mata ji. This is known as Dusshera because Dusshera indicates 10 face which mean 10 faces men due to which it is known as Dusshera also it is known as vijay dashmi which mean 10 day and Ramji killed ravan and get a win(vijay) over him.
From this article we will tell you never tell ravan anything because he is also very big devotee of lord Shiva so in front of ravan you are nothing but ravan was actually not killed by  prabhu shri ram he was killed by his over confidence that no one can kill him at the end his brother vibishan told shri ram the trick to kill ravan and that is the reason behind Ravan’s death also today also many people do pray to ravan because he is also a very big personality.


So thank you for reading this article this article is just for educational purposes this will not promoting any religion or any personality whichever you think is your choice only .
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