Where you need to use images?

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Where you need to use images?

Hello guys today I came with another interesting article in which I am going to explain you more about ‘Where you need to use images?‘.Iam sure this is going to be best and all are going to love it because the knowledge I provided is of top levelsi you just need to read full article for that knowledge and I am sure I clear your all quire’s about Where you need to use images or how and where you can use images’ I already made an article on ‘what are Importance of images’. If you are new visitors or didn’t read that article.just click on above text or visit our website . everydayimages.in 
So lets came on the topic just before starting the explanation you get a subscribe button on our main page just visit there and subscribe for every new article.

In which places does you need images?

The question that repeat again and again and again where to use images(which platform)
The awnser to this question is :-

  1. On YouTube–  you have to use it on YouTube channel if you have if not this is not for you
  2. On your website on Website also if you need to place images you can get it from here .

Can we use Google search images on above categories?

The awnser is both yes and no 

Explained Why yes

How I can say yes if you are already in that field 
Just listen you just have to search first for you images when image came go to Google images and click on tools after that just click on creative commons licensed.
After that whichever image appear is totally licensed and free of cost so just Download it from any website.Also If you use these images then no copyright is going to given on your website and if you are using adsence or media.net then there are no chance that it will disabled.

Explained why no

Now you are thinking I also tell no that’s because if you didn’t use the above method you can’t get all images which are non copyrighted there are some images which subjects to copyrighted which is against DMCA policy. If you are thinking of don’t worry I will use them I don’t care for that  but let me tell you if you use them on your website, Then you are wrong- if there will be adsence account on your website or there will be media.net ads on your website they all gets disabled and your AdSense or media.net account both gets suspend.

How to use any image without using this method?

Now if you didn’t want to use this method, Only one method remain that is:-
You can use licensed Website eg PIXABAY, PEXELS everydayimages.in, Shutterstock etc.
Where you need to use images?
Note-I am just telling you that the image that I use in my website for this article is also fro these above Websites.

Steps to download are

  1. Firstly you have to search anything regarding to which you want image just and click on search button
  2. When you search all the new page appears
  3. There are many images whichever you want to use
  4. Just click on so button
  5. Choose the image size,and quality
  6. Download now
  7. And enjoy
Where you need to use images?

Which type of image file extension does we have to use?

Does we have to use .jpeg extension file?

I just have to say all of them that no this type of extension is not friendly as if you use jpeg file extension these all take quite more space then it needed. And may take more than one mb space which may affect your site speed but as we know the Importance of images is on top so that’s why all the remaining article I written for.

Does we have to use  .PNG extension file?

I again have to say all of you that this type of extension is also not friendly as the previous .jpeg extension because it also takes a big space in our website due to which our site speed becomes slower by the day if we use These types regularly.but as we know the Importance of images is on top so that’s why all the remaining article I written for.
I also have given you the list of my some famous images where you can visit by just clicking below:-
 I provided.Images like 15+ Good morning free images you take of-
  • In Whatsapp– you can simply hit the share button and share any image on Whatsapp for Where you need to use images? after downloading
  • In twitter– You can use twitter for tweeting and for that you can use any images.
  • In facebook– if you have Facebook page you all need to post any image aprox everyday so just get any image and post.
  • In instagram– on Instagram there are many functions where you can use images like reels ,ig-tv,post, story,etc.
  • In linked in– you can simply post it on LinkedIn with any of the image and get bigger revenue
  • In Pinterest– just pin whichever. Image you want to pin and use images
  • In mix– in mix just copy any articles url and mix it on mix.com
  • In medium – in medium just write an article and if you need images there get it from here.
  • In quora– in quora if you want to awnser someone’s question by image so just use these images or if you want to ask question from someone you needs image just get it from here.
  • In youtube– all of you know that on youtube we need images so from where you can get it. From this website.
  • And many of other famous websites

I am just telling you that the image that I use in my website for this article is also fro these above Websites.

DMCA- whichever information I provided to you is only for educational purpose of anything gone wrong just contact us on our contact us page or in comment we are sure if there is any wrong content we will delete it within 24-48 hrs. But I am sure that you didn’t get any complaint regarding our website.
Thanks to all for reading this amazing article which contains best information. May you and your parents live more than thousand of years 
Thanks once again

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