12 Best Squid game Quotes to for life lessons

Squid game Quotes
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 About Squid Game Webseries on Netflix

Hwang Dong-hyuk produced the Netflix original series Squid Game, a South Korean survival drama. For a chance to win 45.6 billion South Korean wons, a tournament pits 456 people in financial trouble against one other by having them play a series of children’s games. Squid Game, which began streaming on September 17, follows a group of South Koreans who are deeply in debt. For a short time, they’re forced to play dangerous children’s games in a fatal tournament—but many of them come back for more because they realise it’s their only hope of winning cash to live.so, because of this amazing script/story we decided to make a article on squid game quotes

So Here are some of the squid game quotes in video form and text form so that it will become easier for you. all of these quotes are amazing so read all of them carefully.

Squid Game quotes to see reality of life

1.”I’m Good At Everything, Except The Things I Can’t Do.

Squid game quotes

The player speaks this statement while she’s attempting to persuade Deok-su to let her join his squad. She’s quickly rejected by the mobster because he regards her as a burden who can’t offer anything to the squad. In the honeycomb game, Mi-nyeo proves him incorrect by throwing him a smuggled lighter that enabled him to survive the round. This is one of the rare situations when she reveals she’s remarkably competent at manipulating people to obtain what she wants.

2.”Life Is Like A Game, There Are Many Players. If You Don’t Play With Them, They’ll Play With You.

Squid game quotes

When life is compared to a game, there are several participants. In the absence of interaction, they will interact with you.Keep your gaze fixed on the sky and your feet firmly planted on the earth. Life is a game, just like all the other games, and we should treat it as such. The only distinction is that life is the only game in which we are completely unaware that we are playing a game. Using our worldview and beliefs, each of us has created a set of rules (our values) that we believe are right and essentially true. These rules (our values) have been created primarily subconsciously.

3.”I Don’t Have A Home To Go Back To. Here, I Stand A Chance At Least. But Out There? I Got Nothing Out There.”

Squid game quotes

They plead to be allowed out of Hell in the episode “Hell” because they’ve had enough. According to Sang-woo, they may call it a day by getting a majority of the players to agree to it. It’s unfortunate, yet some of the contestants decide to remain because of the cash prizes. Others are enraged by how other players vote to keep them there. “Think about what just occurred out there,” someone in the audience implores the others, in reference to the lethal first game they had all just experienced. A number of the other players were probably thinking what Player 322 said when he responded with this reply. They see the prize money as their final hope for a brighter future, and they’d sooner lose their lives attempting to earn it than risk returning to society.

4.”Do You Know What Someone With No Money Has In Common With Someone With Too Much Money? Living Is No Fun For Them.

Squid game Quotes

A surprising revelation is revealed to Gi-hun in the last episode when he finds that it was his old buddy and “gganbu” who was behind everything that had happened throughout this season’s tournament. Despite the fact that Il-nam did not die in the fourth game as a result of his actions, he is visibly furious as he stands next to him. Il-nam attempts to explain the origins of the contest to Gi-hun, who is bewildered, by informing him about the difficulties of his existence as a wealthy person. He goes on to explain that “no matter what you purchase, eat, or drink, everything becomes monotonous after a while.” Gi-rage hun’s is further heightened as a result of this revelation and the faulty mindset that underpins the competition. Il-parting nam’s words provide him with the impetus he needs to break out of his two-year rut and fight back against the mysterious Front Man and the VIPs who have taken advantage of him.

5.”This Is Hell. What Are The Rules In Hell?”

Squid game Quotes

Players must traverse a bridge of glass panels that may either shatter or withstand their weight in the fifth round of Squid Game’s difficulty curve. After seeing several players die in episode 7, Deok-su decides to go first by turning back and forcing the others to go first.Before anybody else in the game, he realised that nobody had to play by the numbers given to them for this game. There are many rules in hell that are arbitrary and may be bent, just as in earlier rounds. If Mi-nyeo hadn’t intervened, Deok-su may have continued shoving others off the platform.

6.”Good Rain Knows The Best Time To Fall.

Squid game Quotes

The last episode of the programme, “One Lucky Day,” shows that the VIPs and The Front Man are no longer able to keep their delight of the brutal rivalry a secret. He and Sang-woo are unable to take their gaze away from their last round together, in which the two must murder each other in a game they used to play as children.

7.”You Don’t Trust People Here Because You Can. You Do It Because You Don’t Have Anybody Else.

Squid game Quotes

After Gi-unique hun’s game of rioting in episode 4, he goes around the dorm telling his comrades that after the lights go out, they should go to Il-bed. Instead of accepting his proposal, she tells him she doesn’t “trust people,” particularly those who “end up here.” He then comes up to Sae-byeok and attempts to persuade her to do the same. Using this strong statement, Gi-hun responds to Sae-apparent byeok’s lack of faith. For the most part, she has had to rely solely on herself to bring her family out of North Korea. Her connection with Gi-hun begins here, and she grows to trust him enough to request that he look after her brother in the months and years ahead.

8.”You Have A Reason To Leave This Place, But I Don’t.

Squid game Quotes

The death of a minor character on Squid Game was a complete shock to the audience. Ji-yeong debuted in the fourth episode as a caustic player who seemed uninterested in the game. Following Ji-terrible Yeong’s history and her experiences with her abusive father in the sixth episode, viewers will have a better understanding of her character. As a result, she has developed a strong bond with Sae-byeok and continues to carry out her commitment to do whatever she can to help her friend live. Ji-yeong bravely chooses to lose the game on purpose since, unlike Sae-byeok, she has no hopes or ambitions in the outside world, and so has no incentive to continue playing the game. As Sae-byeok walked away from the joyful Ji-yeong, who was thanking her for being her friend, it’s probable that many of her fans were holding back tears.

9.”We’ve Already Come Too Far To End This Now.

Squid game Quotes

In the last round of the titular squid game, Gi-hun and Sang-woo stab, punch, and kick each other like old friends in episode 9. The combat comes to an abrupt halt as Gi-hun learns they’re fighting in the same area they did in the previous bout. The protagonist suddenly realises how “so many people played” with them in the past, but they’re no longer there. For Gi-hun, this is a terrifying discovery, but for Sang-woo, it’s only a reality that should motivate them to keep going. The only ones left are him and Gi-hun, and that’s why the game can’t be over just yet. We see how cruel Sang-woo can be in this scenario, and how eager he is to earn this reward no matter what it takes.

10.”You Won’t Be Caught If You Hide Behind Someone.

11.”If Your Movement Is Detected Afterwards,  You Will Be Eliminated.

12.”The Shape You Have Chosen Is The Shape You Must Piece Out.

Squid game famous Characters

Squid game is very interesting Tv series on the Netflix and because of its high craze among People, Netflix ranked it on the top in the section “TV series” . Many people Messaged us to write the quotes on Squid game and also tell every minor detail that you can mention in your article so we are here to complete all your wishes and Here are the top 10 famous Characters From the series Squid game.

Real NameName in Squid gamePlayer Number
Seong Gi-hun Lee Jung-Jae456
Park Hae-sooCho Sang-woo218
Jung ho-yeonKang Sae-byeok067
Wi Ha-joonHwang Jun-honil(in police)
Oh young-sooh ll-nam001
Heo sung-taeJang deok su101
Kim joo ryungHan Mi-nyeo 212
Tripathi AnupamAli Abdul199
Lee Byung-hunThe Front Mannil
Gong YooThe Salesmannil

Squid Game Best Scenes

We found many funny scenes in squid game web series which is available on Netflix and usually after watching it most people starts searching about squid game. Just like this we searched on google about squid game best scenes and found this so we decided to share it with you you can also watch it here without even going to YouTube and no ad will come in between the video as a hindrance

FAQ’s Related to squid game

Is squid game getting a second season?

The season 1 takes approx 2 years to complete. so even if the decide to make season 2 it will come in Dec.2021(estimated date.)

How many episodes are in season one of squid game ?

There are 9 episodes full of thrill and suspense in next episode which makes these 9 episodes as 900.

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