Lord Ganesha status 2023

lord ganesha status
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Lord Ganesha status 2023

Hello guys, my name is Poorvak Suri.Today I will give you an article on Topic Shri Ganesha status because I think our items’ start happens with the name of Lord Ganesha and the man who starts any new thing. If he starts with the name of Lord Ganesha, then his work gets successful in his career.

Do we have to worship God before any new start?

Yes, we have to worship God. But before any god, we have to worship lord  Ganesha the main reason for it is the blessing given to him by his father, Lord Shiva, or you can also say he has the powers. So that he got worshipped and that is why we are writing our first article on the topic of lord Ganesha status so that our website becomes successful in the future.

Why all these lord Ganesha status?

If you belong to Hinduism, then you know about lord Ganesha very well, and I know that if you are reading this article, then 99% of you belongs to the Hindu religion, that’s is my opinion don’t take it on you. also if I tell you.

Lord Ganesha is a Hindu god, and he is the son of excellent god lord shiva, and his mother is goddess Parvati.

Here are some of lord Ganesha’s status.

1.The man who worships me before any other will make his start of anything new happier and better than ever.

2.For sake of love, money or anything of the earth never leave your parents for that, because for that God who has the biggest heart, if for that they won’t forgive you then imagine who will forgive you for that

3.ganpatti Bappa is like a king if you want to know about the story, visit Wikipedia and search lord Ganesha there

4.i wish that Lord Ganesha can say Ganpati Bappa keep us happy and help us reach every single goal in our life.

5. The cleverest man even can’t say he ai cleverest in front of Lord Krishna, there is one big story behind it if you want to read it, go to Wikipedia.

6 May Lord Ganesha’s bless you along with your family so that you and your family remain and become happy.

7. A man always wants that thing that he doesn’t have, and for the sake of earning, he can go to any heights he wants to go.

8. If you have more money in your pocket, that means the God gives it to you to use it. So you have to donate it more and more if you do that, then it is the best way to earn money.

9.Everyone only focuses on study money and fame, but no one cares about God. Everyone thinks of the future, but they didn’t know the real money is devotion.

10. Don’t take anyone like he didn’t know anything because in the future, maybe that person is 1000 times successful than you, and you are nothing in front of him.

Now three more status.

11.Respect every person in your life because if you live life without socialism and devotion, then your life is just a waste.

12. you got one life only and didn’t waste it in doing time. Waste time is crucial, and no one has control over it.

13. if you give your life to God, God will provide you with all your incredible energy to get God to worship them.

Life lessons from Ganpati Bappa? What does their body symbolize?

Ganpati Bappa body symbolizes

1-Big head-Lord Ganesha’s big head represents that keep our mind big even if you are poor and choose a successful path in life.

2-big ears – lord Ganesha big ears represent The more you hear, the more you learn, and if you started learning from others, then only you will be able to become successful in life.

3-Small eyes, as you can see in the picture given above, lord Ganesha has small eyes. It means to meditate and waste our energy lesser and focus and concentrate.

4-very smallmouth: Talk less, listen more and waste your energy less talking and wasting time.

5-one broken Teeth-Broken Teeth represents that whatever happens with you in life, you have to move forward. In short, never think you less than some other.

6- Big tummy indicates that, in life, there is both happiness and sadness, but in life, you have to eat all your difficulties and move forward.

7-His four hands – lord Ganesha four hands indicates:-

7.1 First hand – On this hand, there is the lotus flower, which means always be higher in life

7.2-second hand – This hand indicates blessings given by lord Ganesha.

7.3 Third hand – This hand indicates to finish all your bad habits and start with a new life.

7.4 Fourth – Fourth and last hand in this hand, he has a sweet dish, which means that you will get its result when you do hard work.

8. Two Feet- this body part of lord Ganesha indicates:-

8.1 First feet- this foot of him is connected with the earth, which means with devotion, you also have to do earth’s work.

8.2 Second Feet – it indicates that you have to do devotion and worships of God with earth’s work too.

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Ending of this article

Now at the ending of this article I just want to say that devotion is as much as important bas life so do it for your future.

Thanks for reading this article hope you all likes it and, if yes tell us in comment box.

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