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Best lord Krishna Quotes for world

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Best lord Krishna Quotes

Introduction – lord Krishna Quotes – on this topic this is my third article I already made two articles so you can also visit to that articles by clicking on the following links. Everyone knows that there are three topmost god in Hinduism whose combined name is known as ‘tridev’ this particular word has its own importance and before starting the whole article on lord Krishna Quotes.
Now let us first talk about tridev – tridev is lord bhrama,and lord Vishnu and lord shiva (mahesh) without any of one the whole world can’t survive because all has their own significance I know that may this information about tridev and also big introduction may seems to be bored to you. But if you want to understand all the lord Krishna Quotes then you must have to read about tridev too. Something about tridev rather than lord Krishna Quotes . 
Lord Krishna Quotes


Tridev explanation

In tridev there are three gods named
  1. Lord Bhrama
  2. Lord Vishnu
  3. Lord Shiva (mahesh)
All of these has their own importance and own points for the functioning of the world now I am going to explain you that

About Lord Bhrama

Lord Brahma the first god in the list of tridev and if I go in detail about them then this lord Krishna Quotes may become so longer so.
Lord Bhrama he is also known as creator of the world and all hindu holy books like Brahma puran, Bhagvat Gita and other holy Books too proves it very clearly, Also if I give you some more knowledge about lord Bhrama that he is also the founder of Vedas which is one of the most important holy books of Hinduism religion also if I tell you that very low people know everything about Vedas there are only two to three people at my side the are also rishis named rishi veas the writer of Mahabharata by his knowledge Also the brahmrishi vishvamitra before his name there is Brahmarishi it means a big devotee of lord bhrama.
Now before giving you the full knowledge about tridev in which two gods left named lord Vishnu and lord Vishnu iam going to give you lord Krishna Quotes first otherwise your mood on this topic may got changed.

Here are some of the lord Krishna Quotes

  1. If you need to see me just meditate and you will find that I am inside your soul that is the reason why soul is immortal
  2. Lord Bhrama is the creator, I am the saver of this world and lord shiva is destroyer and everyone is perfect in their work.
  3. I (lord Krishna) is one form of lord Vishnu which is one god of tridev.
  4. If for dharma you have to do Adharma then go for it. Because that is your main work in the world not anything else everything just remain here things which just goes with you is just goodbyes.
  5. Do whatever you want to do but in the limits of dharam and if you will not follow it you have to payback it.
  6. Do many sacrifices for dharma,but never do Adharma as this is the real learning of lord Krishna Quotes.
  7. I am tridev and tridev is me I and Bolenath both exists in one form.
  8. Never ever hurt your parents for the sake of anything in the world because the man have sake of their parents.
  9. Whenever you need to see me at that time I am always there if you want to see me just open your internal eyes and see me.
  10. If devotee wants to see lord,at same god also want to see their devotees but who are on the path of Dharma
Now after giving you all the Quotes many people will think that lord Krishna Quotes ends means the article ends but in real this doesn’t happen as already mentioned that after these lord Krishna Quotes  I will surely provide you the information about the remaining two gods of tridev named lord Vishnu and lord shiva (mahesh)
Lord Krishna Quotes

About Lord Vishnu

Now if we talk about lord Vishnu he Is ram and he is lord Krishna too he is parshuram ji and he is everything,everything is he and there is nothing in world which we can’t relate with him he is the parent of all people of I tell you some more facts he killed ravan when he is in Ram
Form. He is the god for people on earth and he came when the adharma was at its peak and also he will come when he again find that in this yuga. In every yuga our lord lord Vishnu always come in different to different forms it is predicted that the name of the form in which he come in this yuga is kalki avtar this is the lord Krishna’s kalyuga’s avtar. Also if I give you some more knowledge about lord Krishna he is the one who give  the full knowledge of Shrimad Bhagwat Gita to the arjun and tell him many truth’s of world and dharma that’s why bhagvat Gita is still conserved and can be found in any hindu family.
After giving you brief knowledge about lord Krishna  or lord Vishnu other that the topic named ‘lord Krishna Quotes i want to tell you some knowledge about my favourite god and third god of tridev lord shiva or mahesh.

About lord shiva (mahesh)

Now when all the attention comes to lord shiva everyone wants to know about them as he is one of the favouritest god of most of the people every one know that lord bharama is creator, lord Vishnu is parent and lord shiva is destroyer he is the one who in future will destroy everything he also has many names named mahakal I already made and article on Mahakal status and other name is bolenath I had already written an article on this topic named Bolenath Status.and he has many names like nilkhant and there is a huge story behind why lord shiva is known as nilkhant. Don’t worry  I’ll explain you this story in very short.so let’s start it –  when the samudra manthan starts at that time of samudra manthan there was two options that is vish and amrit. The man who will drink amrit he will become immortal and will never die but at that time there is also a vish which got dissolved in ocean at that time to protect the whole world from vish lord shiva came and drink all vish rather than amrit and till now lord shiva has a blue Khant that’s why his name is nilkhant and also there are any stories about lord shiva,so me other day I will tell you that. Now if we talk about lord shiva temples in every temple you can easily see that in lord shiva temple there is a shivling which means god is unshaped and unpredictable so god is one .

End of tridev topic

At this ending I want to tell you that Hinduism has 18 purana’s 4 Vedas(rigveda,samveda,arthaveda,yajurveda)bad holy books also and if you read any of them you will came to that every thing has its own importance and lord shiva,lord  bhrama, lord vishnu all are one which is called as tridev.

What does lord Krishna Quotes means?

This lord Krishna Quotes means that the learnings given by lord Krishna. Some of these sayings are from Bhagvat Gita and some from some famous big hindu personalities.so these all are the sayings of lord Krishna.

What is the motive of giving these lord Krishna Quotes?

This basic motive for providing you lord Krishna Quotes is that every person who is reading this will in future choose this type of path of life.we just want that these quotes of lord Krishna come in the front of you whenever you are going to do bad work,at that particular time we will assure that our moto is completed.

In which yuga does lord Krishna came?

As we all know that we have four (4) yuga till now named satyuga,dwapr, tratah,kalyuga these four yuga we generally have but the birth of lord Krishna was in dwaparyug ending.

Was lord Krishna a good friend of arjun?

Yes,After reading mahabharat we came to know that Arjuna and Krishna they both are good friends and also lord Krishna’s sister ‘subahdra’
Was married to arjun and they have children named abhimanyu,who was very strong. Also arjun is the only one to whom lord Krishna gives learning of bhagvat Gita. Every single thing is still in the kurukshetra region of harayana state.

Was lord Krishna married?

Yes he was married and had 16000 wives and goddess rukmani as a wife. Many people thinks that lord Krishna wife name is  Radha because everywhere whenever Krishna name comes Radha name also comes. But she was his love not a wife his wife is rukmani and Radha is his lover.

Some more lord Krishna Quotes

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End of article

Now with this important knowledge on the topic of lord Krishna Quotes and topic I am leaving and I hope that you may liked my content a lot of yes then it just made my day and if no just tell me in comments where is the mistake, hope you all liked it from the inner of your soul just tell us in comments about your opinion.
If you think that my information that is provided to you is incomplete or lessso in that case for more information about lord Krishna you can visit the main website of Wikipedia and search lord Krishna there.


Whichever information I provided to you is only for the educational purpose of anything gone wrong. Contact us on our contact us page or in the comment. We will assure you that if there is any problem with the content, we will immediately delete it within 24-48 hrs.
Bye thanks to all and take care you all.

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