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15 lord Krishna Quotes for healthy life

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15 lord Krishna Quotes for healthy life

Lord Krishna is the Hindu God; of course, in India, who won’t know it, and if you are reading it, Then 90%chance that you are Indian. I will give you 15 lord Krishna Quotes for a healthy life, which is I think, best quotes and thoughts as I listened to them from Mahabharat, and I guess lord Krishna can never be wrong because he is the creator and destroyer no human can compete him.

I already made an article on this topic: 15 lord Krishna Quotes if you want to click on 15 Lord Krishna Quotes .

Now I will provide you lord Krishna Quotes in the next paragraph, so let’s take off before taking off; if you want to read another 15 lords Krishna quotes, then visit by clicking here am providing it with some images. Note my this thing- 

He holds his flute to please his devotees, and he also holds his Sudarshan to protect his devotees.

Here are some quotes with images on the topic of lord Krishna Quotes or Radha Quotes because they both are one.

15 lord Krishna Quotes

Lord Krishna Quotes are most valuable

1. Quote1 – without my permission even time can’t run everything is in my hand if you are alive just because of me everything is me and I am everything. _lord Krishna

2.Quote – If you don’t want to listen any one then no one can make you  listen . Not even god.

3. Hey man ,the soul is immortal and remain immortal you were there before the the world born and will still remain after it ends.

4.if someone dies lord Krishna said , you don’t know him before this birth and will never know him after you die so why are you crying.

5. Just always focus on your work rather than focusing on any other thing and you will surely get results one day.

6. i am everywhere, at your back ,at your front wherever you see you find me in your eyes in your heart in your house wherever.

7. The hardest thing in the world do your work without getting confused and get 100% concentrated on your work.

8. I holds his flute to please devotees and i am also holding my sudarshan to protect his devotees.

9 if cheat is on the positive side and is worthful to someone then the cheat is also positive.

10. If you will leave every single thing of the world and came to me I will surely accept you without any reason. By lord Krishna.

11. Your work is to just do karma and it’s result is in the hand of God that’s why we have to face karma not to run away from it.

12. That human who can see is his internal soul that means he seen the God.

13. Without any reason or due to selfishness if you do violence that means it is adharma.

14. The felling of violence, selfishness is worst thing of the world.

15. If you have the whole world still you didn’t have lord in your heart that means whatever you have I’d worthless.

Why these lord Krishna Quotes ?

Now when I had provided you all lord Krishna Quotes now I am going to give you a brief knowledge about lord Krishna . Now just read

who is lord Krishna?

Lord Krishna is the Hindu God and considered as one of the most powerful god from the top 3 that is lord Vishnu,lord shiva,lord bhrama and lord Krishna is just one of the form of lord vishnu. If you are the true devotee of lord Vishnu then it means you are a devotee of lord Krishna lord Ram,etc.

So these are 15 Lord Krishna Quotes for healthy life hope you all may like it  because these all are not made by us or by human it is said by lord Krishna in Bhagvat gita,now we are going to give you brief description of lord Krishna at the time of Mahabharata.

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How you can spread these lord Krishna Quotes?

As all people know god exists and I had given you just a one part of god that is Bhagvat Gita almost all the quotes given in article is taken fro Bhagvat Gita, beside Bhagvat Gita there are many things like Vedas,purana’s,etc.

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So thank you for reading this article this article is just for educational purposes this will not promoting any religion or any personality whichever you think is your choice only .
I hope that you like this article if yes tell us in comments and if not then also tell us so that we can improve and all problems get rid off.

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