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15 lord shiva Quotes for healthy lifestyle

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15 lord shiva Quotes for a healthy lifestyle

Lord Shiva, my all-time favourite god he is in the top 3 gods of Hinduism and has many names like Mahadev,nilkhant, Shankar, etc. All names have their own significance, and there is a story behind every name. we will make an article on that topic if you want that comment in the comment section lord Shiva quotes. So I am going to giving lord shiva Quotes in this article so kindly please read all the articles step-by-step.

Here are some of the  Lord Shiva Quotes

15 lord shiva Quotes
1. The man who truly remembers lord with his/her soul then lord himself comes in the person’s heart and remains there till you remember god.
2. The most crucial thing in the world is Devotion and the man who does it with full dedication will never face any sadness in the life.
3. The human must has control on their Senses because if someone’s mind is in control.
4. Sacrifice is the bestest thing for proving that your senses are in your control,if you can sacrifice anything easily that means you won the war over your mind.
5.The women who take fast on every Monday for 16 weeks. Whatever she wants he will be given by me.
6. The men who has trust on God God will automatically give their trust to the particular person.
7. I am the creator and destroyer of this world,I was there when life take place on the world and will remain  Even after the last day of life.
8. I am the real god everything is a life just because of me and you are alive because of me no one can even move without my permission its my permission that you were doing whatever you want to do.
9. Man is happy because of his previous life’s karmas and he is sad also due to his previous
life’s Karma.
10. God never discriminate on the basis of caste,colour,creed, relegion, gender,etc these things are only done by humans.
11. I am not only your’s or any other’s god I am of whole world for offens iam Orphans I am parents,for everyone I am something which people doesn’t have.
12. The man who only believes in me and me only then I believe that he is the only one who is devoting truly.
13. I am with you in every path of life ,I am in your breath I am there wherever you want to see me.
14. Say om namah shivay for best results in life,daily chanting of this mantra will give you happiness more then ever.
15. Whosoever wants to pray me just firstly pray lord Ganesha as lord shiva gives them gift that whosoever comes to me and pray me firstly has to pray lord Ganesha.

Why lord Ganesha is prayed before lord shiva?

There is a big reason behind that and a big now before we start reading this full article on Lord Shiva quotes
 I will suggest you to read full article on Lord Krishna quotes,Lord Krishna quotes in Hindi,Lord Krishna quotes for love,etc.just by clicking on it .
Now coming to story – one day Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati Mata they just wanted to know that who is more loyal among them in their sons. They had two sons named Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya. Lord Shiva gave a task to both of them that among the two brothers who will won this task that son is considered as more loyal.
The task was “who will travel the earth’s one round first?”
Now the story doesn’t ends here if you read the whole article on Lord Shiva Quotes then just also read it with full dedication.
Just After task is given within two minutes lord Kartikeya leaves for the round and lord Ganesha not because Kartikeya had a peacock for round but lord Ganesha has only mouse,so what does Ganesha do actually he uses his 100% of brain and go to lord shiva and Parvati Mata and tell them both that” my parents are my god for me”and my earth for me and take a round there and by that lord shiva Quotes impressed a lot so just after that.
Lord Shiva Quotes gave a vardan to lord Ganesha that whenever someone do a devotion for me he used to do yours first otherwise his devotion becomes worthless. So this is the story I think you all may enjoyed the article and the full story of lord shiva quotes .
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